A presentation of the project “6 steps to community safety: community experience in Sambir oblast of Lviv region” was held in Tlumach

On October 31, a project on community security was presented. The organizer of the presentation was the NGO Center for Legal and Political Studies “SIM” with the participation of Oleg Ilkiv, Head of Legal Department of the Center for Legal and Political Studies “SIM”, Lydia Topolevskaya, Director of the Center for Legal and Political Studies “SIM”, Vitaliy Kimak, Chairman of the Sambir District Council, Igor Tkach, Project Coordinator in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.

Participation in the event was attended by representatives of the communities in the Tlumach district, Tlumatskaya city and Oleshan rural communal territorial communities, representatives of the district state administration and rayon council, deputies of councils and members of executive committees, representatives of mass media and public of the district.

Oleg Ilkiv stressed that the purpose of this project is to develop a concept of security and a mechanism for feedback from local authorities with the community to address the internal security problems in communities through the interaction between the police, the community and local authorities – the so-called “community policing” model.

Vitaliy Kimak familiarized the participants with the prospects of implementing this project for the communities, and also gave his example of its implementation in Sambir oblast.

The organizers of the presentation announced the launch of an analytical work on a similar pilot system security project in the Precarpathians in the communities of Tlumachchina.

At the end of the presentation, discussions were held in small groups of sophisticated community and district issues.

This model was tested in Lviv region in the Sambir and Starosambirsky districts and was proposed for distribution in the Tlumach district of our region.

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