Award of the annual literary and artistic award of the Grigor Kruk district

On November 2, the meeting of the annual Grigor Kruk district literary and artistic award was held in Tlumach. The work of the commission was headed by its co-chairmen – the head of the district state administration Volodymyr Gaburak and the chairman of the district council Vasyl Dvoyak.

The petition of the labor collectives and public organizations with proposals for the applicants for the prize and familiarized with the presented materials are considered. Managers noted the high level of registration and variety of submitted documents with information about candidates, paintings, pictures, publications.

This year’s winners of the literary and artistic award were chosen by secret ballot. They were Roman Romanyuk from the village. Nadorozhna (nomination “Creative achievement of the land”), Bogdan Tatarchuk from the city of Tlumach (nomination “Visual (painting, sculpture, graphics, etc.) and decorative and applied art”) and folklore group from village. Road road “Chervona kalyna” (headed by Petro Krukhovsky) (nomination “Musical art”).

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