Celebrations on the occasion of the All-Ukrainian Day of Culture Workers and Masters of Folk Art

November 9, 2017, on the day of celebration of the professional holiday of cultural workers, Irina Malanyuk held a celebration of the best cultural workers and masters of folk art. Deputy Governor Igor Pasichnyak, chairman of the Standing Committee on Humanitarian Policy and freedom of Regional Council Yury Niello and Head of Culture, State Administration Volodymyr Fedorak greeted them.

Congratulating specialists in the field of culture and masters of folk art, Igor Pasichnyak noted that their work is gaining popularity. In particular, in recent years, in the Carpathian region, various festivals have been actively held, which have gained considerable popularity both in the region, both abroad and even cordonably. The official recalled the high level of large-scale festivals “Carpathian Space” and “Porto Franco GogolFest”.

“Thanks to the love you invest in your work, more and more people are getting acquainted with the Carpathian region. Tourists, guests and even the inhabitants of the area can contemplate the immense amount of your talents during various events. Thank you for diluting our everyday life with bright colors “, – added Igor Pasichnyak.

Then, with significant achievements in culture and on the Day of workers of culture and folk art masters, the best of the best were awarded diplomas from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and regional state administration.

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