Strategy of the Ivano-Frankivsk region development

Strategic vision of development and mission of Ivano-Frankivsk region have been discussed at the extended meeting of the Working Group on the Development Strategy of Ivano-Frankivsk region on June 13, 2014. Following the discussion, Strategic Vision and Mission of the region have been formed based on research materials of the region’s socio-economic situation and the views of local experts, scientists, local government and state authorities.


Strategic vision of Ivano-Frankivsk region development:

PRECARPATHIAN REGION is a distinctive and self-sufficient area which combines  European values with ancient national traditions, it is cultural, touristic, resort and recreation center of Ukraine open to cooperation. It is the region of innovative economy with comfortable and safe environment and high level of social and spiritual life.


Mission of Ivano-Frankivsk region is to:

Provide well-being and high standard of living of present and future generations under the conditions of development of competitive and innovative economy based on preservation of cultural traditions, natural features and benefits of the region.

Strategic Development Goals:

  1. Sustainable development of the economy.
  2. Development of tourism and recreation sphere.
  3. Development of rural areas.
  4. Development of human capital.


Operational objective Promotion of citizens’ awareness and social activity

 Traditional Soviet stereotype “I’m alright Jack” is an important factor that limits the possibility of involvement of community members into coordinated decision of local problems. Ivano-Frankivsk region has high unemployment rate, so many young people, people of working age and pensioners have much free time, which mostly is not used as a developmental resource. The experience of many developed countries shows significant opportunities of usage of community activity in the area of improving community development, support of social infrastructure facilities and other social urgent matters, on which traditionally deficient budgetary funds are spent. Long term experience in Ivano-Frankivsk of EU / UNDP project “Local public-oriented development” shows that community mobilization mechanisms can be used effectively under Ukrainian conditions.         Therefore, an important task to achieve operational objectives will be spreading the practice of social activity development of the communities, organization of their cooperation, creating conditions for more efficient and effective use of common resources. Support of community initiatives will stabilize social processes and ensure improvement of public confidence in local government.

An important task for achieving operational objective is the development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills of the population. These skills are the foundation for the establishing new economic initiatives and creation of new working places, especially in the segment of self-employment. Entrepreneurial thinking skills and business decisions may be generated through the introduction of appropriate methodologies for projects that have successfully proven themselves worldwide.

The formation of a pro-active role of citizens in the issues of environmental culture and a healthy lifestyle – is an effective way to invest relatively small resources today to achieve significant results in the future.


Expected results:
  • increasing social activity of young people;
  • creation of self-organizing bodies of communities in most areas of the region;
  • improving public welfare involving public initiatives;
  • cooperation between public authorities, public, youth sports organizations, churches on the issue of formation of public demand for a healthy lifestyle;
  • improving school training in a healthy lifestyle and formation of environmental culture;
  • raising awareness of the population on the environment in the region and on the introduction of environmental technologies in everyday life;
  • improving environmental culture of employees of companies that provide public utility services;
  • increase of number of infrastructure objects for maintaining environmental behavior of residents and formation of healthy lifestyles.


The development of cross-border cooperation in the region

Expansion of interregional and cross-border cooperation is one of the main priorities and tasks of local authorities. Particular attention is paid to the deepening of socio-economic relations between executive authorities, territorial communities, their representative bodies of the region and other states. The Ivano-Frankivsk region is involved in the implementation of the State Program for the Development of Cross-Border Cooperation for 2016-2020, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine August 23, 2016, No. 554.

The list of cross-border cooperation projects, which can be provided with state financial support, includes 4 regional projects:

1.”Tourist development of the territories of the Dniester canyon”;

2.”Ensuring the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the Carpathian region”;

3.”Improving public safety and security in the border area by providing joint training and cooperation in the field of emergency response”;

4.”Regional Cooperation for the Prevention and Combating of Transborder Crime between Romania and Ukraine”.

By the decision of the regional council dated 16.10.2015, No. 1821-39 / 2015, the regional target program for the development of international cooperation of the region for 2016-2020 was approved. In support of programs and projects of transborder cooperation, 450 thousand UAH are foreseen, including 2016. – 80 thousand UAH

In December 2016, the Program was amended, in particular, expenditures in support of programs and projects of cross-border cooperation from 2017 increased by 500 thousand UAH. annually. Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast participates in three joint operational programs of the European Neighborhood Instrument for the frontier cooperation of 2014-2020 (hereinafter PPS): Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine, Romania-Ukraine (as the main region), Poland-Ukraine – Belarus “(as an additional region).


  1. “Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine”.

The budget of the program is 73 million 952 thousand euros.

Minimum co-financing – 10% of EU contribution.

Priorities of the program: promotion of local culture and preservation of the historical heritage; environmental protection, mitigation of climate change; improving the accessibility of regions, developing reliable and climate-resistant transport, communication networks and systems; common challenges in the field of defense and security.


  1. “Romania-Ukraine”.

The budget of the program is 60 million euros.

Minimum co-financing – 10% of EU contribution.

Priorities of the program: support for education, research, technological development and innovation; promotion of local culture and protection of historical heritage; improvement of accessibility of regions, development of transport and communication networks and systems; common challenges in the field of defense and security.

Within the framework of the PES of the EU-Ukraine Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020, the Regional State Administration provided support for major infrastructure projects that were included in the list of those funded under the Program outside the competition: “Improving the security of the population and the level of security in the border area by increasing joint training and cooperation in the area of ​​liquidation consequences of emergencies “; “Regional Cooperation on Prevention and Combating Transborder Crime Between Romania and Ukraine”.


  1. “Poland-Belarus-Ukraine”.

The budget of this program is 175,799 million euros.

Minimum co-financing – 10% of EU contribution.

Priorities of the program: development of local culture and protection of historical heritage; improving the accessibility of regions, developing reliable and climate-resistant transport, communication networks and systems; common security challenges; improved border management and border management, security management, mobility and migration. As part of the final conference of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program of the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument “Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013” Everlasting Partnership (11.10, Polyanytsya village, TK Bukovel), the first set of applications under the PPS-BIS “Poland-Belarus- Ukraine 2014-2020