International conference in Ivano-Frankivsk, devoted to the year of cultural heritage in Europe and Ukraine

An international conference on the history of cultural heritage in Europe and Ukraine was held in November in Ivano-Frankivsk, organized by the National Bureau of Creative Europe with the support of the European Union in Ukraine and in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

Theme of the forum: “European and Ukrainian Year of Cultural Heritage: Cooperation, Perspectives, Challenges”, during which a number of issues were considered: Experience of projects in the field of cultural heritage (European and national practices on revival, preservation, museum-mapping of the COP); Development of tourism and cultural management of the local and national levels; European tourist routes; Prykarpattya – transboundary cape of qualitatively new tourist intervention and relevant hospitality industry; Panel discussion “Preserving the National Cultural Heritage: Challenges and Prospects”.

“The topics that are considered during the conference are extremely important for us, because the prospects for the year of cultural heritage in Ukraine are aimed at preserving and reviving our country’s cultural heritage and is one of the Government’s priorities,” the Minister of Culture of Ukraine told at the conference. Eugene Nishchuk. – I am convinced that the proclamation of 2018 in Ukraine, a year of cultural heritage, will attract the attention of all state sectors to the status of cultural heritage sites throughout the country and will be a good incentive for the restoration of reserves, castles and unique palaces, which is so rich in our land. In turn, it will attract the attention of the international community to the Ukrainian culture, create an attractive image of the country and a prerequisite for business development and attracting investments for the development of the local economy and tourism attractiveness of different regions of Ukraine. ”

He also stressed that taking into account the world trends and processes taking place in the country, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine initiates the project “Small cities – big impressions”, in which through the open competition will be selected six joint territorial communities or small cities for implementation pilot cultural start-ups related to the cultural heritage, and the implementation of which will provide an impetus for further cultural and economic development of the territories.

Among the speakers of the two-day conference were Hug Mingareli (Ambassador of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine), Ana Shoebel (program manager of Strategy XXI, Department of Culture and Cultural Heritage, Council of Europe), Miles K. Ogletorpe (UNESCO expert), Yuliya Fediv (Head of the National Bureau of the EU program “Creative Europe” in Ukraine). The event was attended by researchers of the cultural heritage, heads of specialized institutions, representatives of local authorities from different regions, cultural managers and public figures who are directly involved in the preservation of cultural heritage.

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