The Ivano-Frankivsk University organized an international conference in Budapest

In October 2017, an interdisciplinary conference was held in Budapest: “Sustainable development 2030: legal, economic, social, environmental and political components.”

This event was jointly organized by King Danylo University and IMANS (Institute for International Academic Cooperation). Actually, holding the conference is the second stage of the IMANS project to consolidate efforts and integrate intellectual resources into the process of sustainable development and the formation of social and economic wealth of countries.

“The fact that the participants of the conference were representatives of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, which are scientists, teachers of higher educational establishments, post-graduate students, and students; experts, experts with practical experience; representatives of local self-government bodies and state executive authorities; leaders and representatives of civil society organizations and business associations “, – said the participant of the conference, Ph.D., professor of economics at the University of King Danylo Ivan Krihovetsky.

The international conference and a student from Ivano-Frankivsk successfully presented their project “Landscape Acoustics. Protective planting as a means of reducing noise “.

K.N., the head of the department of marketing of the University of King Danylo Natalia Grigorskaya noted: “The holding of such an event was a challenge for us, because we conducted it for the first time. But we can already speak of a successful outcome, based on the feedback from participants, among which are the most active representatives of universities, authorities and NGOs. “

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